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Can't find something you're looking for? Just ask, and we'll let you know if we have it or can get it.

How To Order

We NEVER sell, rent, trade, give or exchange your name, address, phone, fax, email or credit card information to ANY other person, group, organization, private or government bureau, agency, department or entity of any kind. We respect your right to privacy and do not consider your personal information as a commodity to be marketed.


Your information will be encrypted between your computer and ours. Sending your credit card number to us over the Internet is actually far safer than handing your card to a waiter in a restaurant, if you think about it. A waiter will leave the card next to the register and do something else while he waits for a chance to ring up your order - you're not protected by any sort of encryption.

On small orders, the postage calculating program on the website is set to a minimum dollar amount. This may in rare cases be higher than what is actually needed to send a small, lightweight order. In that case, we will manually adjust the shipping cost to the actual amount of the postage before we charge your credit card. REMEMBER: the postage amount that appears when you order online is ONLY an approximate price, and ONLY for orders being sent to U.S. addresses.

We do still take phone orders: 1-860-455-9621. We do not put you on a voicemail automated hold system. Either we answer the call live in person, within 4 or 5 rings, or you can leave a message, and we should call you back with 24 hours. We answer the phone from 9 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Eastern (New York) Time, sometimes we'll answer as late as 10 P.M. Eastern time if we can on weeknights. At other times - or if the line is busy (and weekends/holidays) you can leave a message on our voicemail. We will reply to your message usually the same day or as soon as we can. (We go to the post office at 4:30 p.m. weekdays) We may also answer calls from 5:15 P.M. until 10:00 P.M. (E.T.)


We reply to email inquiries throughout the day. But a phone call is still the fastest way to get an answer to any question.
For questions about in-stock items aready available in our catalogue, email:

For all questions about custom printing, email:


If you'd rather not use our shopping cart to send your order electronically, print out this order form. Mail it to us with a check. U.S. postal mney order or include your credit card information. Please ignore the fax number printed on the mail-in order form. We no longer have a fax machine.

When do you need your order?

Indicate the date you need your order in "Ordering Instructions" space in your Shopping Cart. When it is not busy we can often get your order filled and sent out in a day. If we are away selling at an event, orders for stock items will be filled when we return. We try to email you to let you know when will be back to fill your order. /font>

We send orders out through the U.S. Postal Service, either by First Class Mail (1 to 13 ounces, and Priority Mail for all packages over 13 ounces. USPS cost less than United Parcel Service (UPS).


The wholesale price for 100 or more of ANY assortment of:
Buttons are .75 each (buttons do not have any pre-fix code before the initials used for each button. 300 or more buttons at .65 each
Bumperstickers are .75 each. 300 or more at .50 each. Any item starting with "S-" in the product code is a bumpersticker ranging in size from 3" x 11.5" to 3.75" x 15" in size.
Digitally-printed full-color Bumperstickers are $1.75 each (Suggested Retail price is $3.95 each) The wholesale price for 25 or more of ANY assortment of:
Small Vinyl Stickers (code: SVS-) is .50 each
300 or more at .40 each.
Postcards (code: PC-) are 75 each
300 or more are .65 each.

TO PLACE A WHOLESALE ORDER: Type in the "Ordering Instructions" box "Wholesale Order", and we will discount items accordingly.
You won't see the discounted price in the Shopping Cart, because the website price calculating program is only set to figure retail price totals. You will only be charged the wholesale rate when you order wholesale quantities. We manually enter all credit card information after we gather your order. Call or e-mail us if you need to know what the discounted rates are for any of the other products that we publish. Some of the posters and postcards we also publish ourselves and can offer at a lower wholesale price.

Backorders, Exchanges, or Refunds:

If an item is temporarily out of stock, we won't charge you for it. We'll call or e-mail you to let you know, and you can let us know whether you'd like it back-ordered. (most items would not be back-ordered for more than 3 weeks). If any of our merchandise is damaged, defective, or the wrong size we will gladly exchange or replace it with a good one. We can also refund the difference if you request it.


We use recycled cardboard boxes, and padded bags made from recycled paper. We do not enclose packing slips. If you need a copy of your order enclosed with your package, please mention this in the "Ordering Instructions" section of the Shopping Cart.

Bounced Checks

Our bank charges us $30 per bounced check from our customers. That charge must be passed on to the writer of the check.

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